Sunday, October 17, 2010

A special Reminder

I recently went and visited BookJunkieMom at Rainy Day Reviews! and I read her post on The Mend Mark. The Mend Mark is a mission to spread the Word and to remind the people who wear the bracelet of His sacrifice for us. The man behind all of this; Hunter Harrison. He had a great idea. To create the bracelet to mirror the scars from the nails that went through Christ's wrists and feet. It brings a new kind of reminder to the subject I think. Harrison's mission behind this is to remind us not only of His life but his death and why he died for us. It is a great mission and I am glad to know about it and would be glad to wear it. A great conversation starter and a great way to open a door of communication to the non believer; to be able to share the great new of Christ! To find out more about this, go to BookJunkieMom's blog! Have a great day all!