Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Into Reading

I am brand new to blogging. I have been an avid reader for years. But never thought about posting my thoughts and reviews on a blog. I thought, this will be fun! My daughter found this reading challenge for me over at Katrina's blog. I think it will be a good and fun way for me to get started with this. And with this challenge, even though I am a full time OB Nurse, I will still have time to read because I choose the amount of books I am going to read.
Here are the rules/guidelines:
  • make up a list of book you would like to read and...
  • read them between the challenge dates which are...
  • September 22 - December 20 2010.
Here is my list:
 My Goal:

  1.  Power To Heal by Joan Hunter 
  2. (more to come later...:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Book Bloggers!

My name is Denise, I have been an avid reader for years. Love shopping, reading and talking books. Never thought about putting my thoughts, opinions, ideas and reviews on the web. Though I mainly read health books, self help, christian books, I am open to reading new things.
My daughter has been doing it and loves it and I thought, sounds like fun! So She got this blog started for me. I am here to review books, talk books, take part in book memes, and everything else bookish! 
So please stop by, I would love to meet you and talk books and tea with you!